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You know what I'm tired of?

You know what I’m tired of? I’m sick of people in my MSN list having HUGE nick names. I come from a time when ICQ was the messenger and even then it was a cute little gimmick that people familiar with IRC laughed at. Regardless a nick name should be one to three words long at the most! None of these phrases a half a paragraph long telling a life story. Also, whoever thought of the “Buddy Icon” should be shot.

Well that’s not fair, it can be cool if you use something like Spider Man or Optimus Prime. But these people these days seem to want to use some picture of themselves smiling having fun with all their smiling friends. I don’t want to see you and your friends having fun. I want to see something clever and original.

So with that said, I’m out. I’m not doing anything interesting these days so I should probably put “something” on this damn blog.

USB Mouse + Arcade Trackball

Ok, so you have an arcade joystick which you either built or bought but you really want to play some “Golden Tee” or “Marble Madness”. Well you could buy an arcade trackball already assembled, or if you are lucky enough to find one for cheap at a surplus store you can be a man and build one yourself.

Check out the Arcade Trackball page for details on how to connect a USB mouse to an arcade trackball. Your drunkin’, arcade gamin’, buddies will be super impressed.