SNES USB Gamepad

Posted by jiGGaK on October 20th, 2011
Ready for some Mega Man 7

I was inspired for this build by an instructables user who used my teensy ps3 gamepad code to build a SNES USB controller for the PS3.

I can’t say enough good things about the Teensy development board. It’s affordable and just so damn versatile.

John’s code is great and all but I just needed something to work with my Linux media center PC so I set out to create a simpler version. Click through for some build tips, links to the code, and a few more photos.


Tips & Photos

Teensy /w SNES controller wires

In tight spaces like a gamepad it’s no fun at all to be wrestling with a rats nests of wires. Heat shrink tubing is great for managing bunches of wires, but it can make the whole thing difficult to bend. Using a few small rings will still give you a neat bunch of wires, while maintaining flexibility.

Teensy installed

John had a really great tip. Cut off the USB plug housing with a sharp knife to make fitting the cable easier.

Make room for the Teensy

The Teensy will just fit inside the controller without too much fuss. The only modification required is to remove a plastic post in the middle of the rear cover. Break it or cut it off and then use an x-acto-knife to clean up the remaining material.