A Notch in the Cross Platform Blackberry Development Belt

Posted by jiGGaK on March 11th, 2009

In a previous post I listed 4 key items needed for BlackBerry development:

  1. Rapc compiler
  2. Signature tool
  3. Simulator
  4. Javaloader

At the time of writing the first two worked fine. The third, Simulator, is if’y at best. And the fourth was just not possible.

Until now. In late December, a saviour by the name of Nicolas Vivien dropped by the barry mailing list to let everyone know that he was hard at work on reverse engineering the Javaloader USB protocol. Within a few weeks he had developed a proof of concept that enabled users to load cod files to the BlackBerry.

Since then several developers (including myself) have chipped in to implement all of the crucial aspects of the Javaloader needed for day-to-day use.

Which Commands are Supported?

  • list modules on handheld, including siblings
  • get handheld info
  • load one or more cod files onto the handheld
  • save one or more cod files from the handheld
  • erase cod files from the handheld
  • dump the eventlog
  • clear the eventlog
  • get screenshot of the handheld and save as bmp
  • set time on the handheld
  • wipe the applications and/or file system on the handheld

As you can see, most of the important stuff is already finished. And more is being added all the time.

I’ve Heard Enough… Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

The Javaloader is slated to be included in the next release of Barry; version 0.15. If you would like to test it right now, you’ll need to compile from source or find a binary package for your OS/distro.

Here are some instructions for compiling from source. If you get stuck, someone on the mailing list might be able to lend a hand.