USB Mouse + Arcade Trackball

Posted by jiGGaK on September 18th, 2006

Ok, so you have an arcade joystick which you either built or bought but you really want to play some “Golden Tee” or “Marble Madness”. Well you could buy an arcade trackball already assembled, or if you are lucky enough to find one for cheap at a surplus store you can be a man and build one yourself.

Check out the Arcade Trackball page for details on how to connect a USB mouse to an arcade trackball. Your drunkin’, arcade gamin’, buddies will be super impressed.

Alex September 28th, 2006

That’s pretty neat, it looks real kewl.

A September 21st, 2006

I’m always fascinated by the stuff you can create.

jason September 18th, 2006

the track ball is awesome. I was very impressed using it. But i’m curious to know how one would make a trackball mouse from scratch?

Perhaps a brief post describing the challenges would be appropriate :D

… or better yet, a brief post describing how its done and pics of a finished product

gabriel September 18th, 2006

Oh, my god! That is most awesome.